Camelina oil

Oil rich in omega 3 and 6. National production. NON-GMO.


Corn germ pressure cake. NON-GMO. Protein and fat contribution.

Camelina Husk

Fibre made up of the shells of the Camelina seeds.Camelina Husk


Glucose powder, obtained after the hydrolysis of non-GMO origin starch.

Gluten feed

Non-GMO corn fraction composed mainly of fiber, and enriched with starch, soluble protein and trace elements.

Gluten meal

Insoluble digestible protein extracted from non-GMO maize grain

PROTE-IN HP55 (insect meal)

Protein flour obtained from degreased black soldier larvae.

Fresh larvae

Fresh frozen larvae obtained from the biotransformation of plant material by the black soldier fly.


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